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Winter Tires Camrose

Camrose can experience harsh winters, where temperatures can drop below -15C throughout the winter months. Combined with the wet snow that often occurs during winter, you must be equipped with the ideal tires for your car to protect you and your passengers.

While you can opt for all-season tires that don't need to be changed throughout the seasons, using winter tires can ensure better safety and comfort when you're on the road. Find winter tires for sale to save money while getting your car equipped for the winter months in Canada.

If you're wondering when to change your regular tires for winter variants, it's all dependent on the weather conditions in Camrose. Certain provinces in Canada have made it mandatory for vehicles to have winter tires for specific periods. If the temperatures in your area have dropped to below 7C, it's probably a good idea to start changing your tires.

The Camrose administration also recommends using winter tires that have a tread of no less than 4 mm. Air pressure should also be consistently checked in your winter tires.

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Give Better Traction

Various tread designs used in winter tires enable them to push the snow outwards, avoiding a build-up of snow.

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Better Flexibility

Makes your car more prone to slipping and sliding, especially in conditions where there is ice on the road.

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More Functional Braking and Steering

The enhanced flexibility and softness of snow tires enable better grip on the road.

 Why Winter Tires Are Crucial for Camrose Winters

When you're wondering why your all-season or regular tires won't be enough for the upcoming winter months, consider the various advantages winter tires can offer.

Give better traction:

Various tread designs used in winter tires enable them to push the snow outwards, avoiding a build-up of snow. Winter tires are a cheaper alternative than all-wheel drive, especially when you find winter tires for sale in Camrose.

Better flexibility:

The extreme Canadian temperatures can harden the tread rubber on all-season tires, which reduces their ability to grip the road. It makes your car more prone to slipping and sliding, especially in conditions where there is ice on the road.

More functional braking and steering:

The enhanced flexibility and softness of snow tires enable better grip on the road, which is optimal to prevent your car from sliding on slippery surfaces.

Due to their unique design, which makes them ideal for winters, they are more durable and long-lasting than summer tires.

Unique Design Elements to Ensure Safety and Efficiency

81% of Canadians who regularly equip their vehicles with winter tires believe that it has prevented them from being victims of an accident. When you're looking for holistic safety for yourself and your vehicles, getting winter tires in Camrose is an ideal choice.

Your tires can have different symbols on the tire sidewall that indicate their usability for various surfaces and weather conditions. An M+S sign denotes that is it is ideal to be used for Mud and Snowy conditions (usually present in all-season tires). The Snowflake symbol signifies that the tires are suitable for driving through snow and ice. This symbol is present only on winter tires.

Contrary to the name, all-season tires aren't meant to be used throughout the year. Many tire manufacturers have changed the name to 3-season tires to prevent drivers from becoming confused. Investing in winter tires also means that both your standard tires and winter tires last for longer and provide more significant usage to you over time.

Winter tires have rubber compounds that remain elastic and don't harden during freezing temperatures compared to all-season tires. They have shorter stopping distances and better control of your car to make you feel safe while driving.

Provide Comfort and Functionality to Your Car

Having regular or all-season tires can make your car prone to sliding on roads while you're driving, especially when you're making turns on roads. It not only makes you uncomfortable but reduces the functionality and control you have on your vehicle.

With snow tires, you have a better grip on the road, regardless of whether there is snow, ice, or melted water. It enables better control, stability, and functionality for your vehicles as you don't have to think about your tires skidding on the road.

While Alberta has not made it mandatory for drivers to use winter tires, it is highly recommended by the government to use them during the severe winter months. Further, you can get a reduced rate from your insurance company once you inform them that you're using winter tires on your vehicles.

Why Choose Camrose Chrysler for Your Winter Tires?

When you're looking to avail the wide range of benefits that come along with equipping your vehicle with winter tires, getting your car's winter tires from Camrose Chrysler can save both time and money while ensuring quality. You can find many brands of tires, including:

  • Michelin
  • Toyo Tires
  • Bridgestone
  • Firestone
  • BF Goodrich
  • Good Year
  • Cooper Tires

Find superior customer service with the most affordable winter tire packages available in Camrose and surrounding areas. Our customer service team can recommend the perfect winter tires for any car model for the best usage and functionality. Get your winter tires fitted without needing to do any of the gruelling work.

Consider getting your vehicle fitted for winter tires, regardless of whether your vehicle is from our dealership or not. Keep your safety and peace of mind intact with the best-quality winter tires to last you throughout winter.

BONUS: Winter Tire Storage

Wondering where you would store your tires and wheels? Camrose Chrysler offers tire storage for all of our customers for $79.99 per season.

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