Are you shopping for your next set of winter tires in Camrose, AB? At Camrose Chrysler Ltd., we can help you find out what types of winter tires are available and which one is best for your needs.

Studded snow and ice tires are made with removable metal studs that are small and durable. There are a few downsides to studded tires. If you're using them on clear roads, they can cause damage, which is why they're restricted in many states. Studded snow and ice tires also tend to be noisy.

Studless tires are a better option than studded tires because they are effective but don't damage the road. These tires have deep tread that can push slush and slow away from under the tires for maximum grip. Studless snow and ice tires also have small slits that aid with accelerating, decelerating, and braking on ice-covered roads. Performance winter tires are made to provide you with improved traction on ice-covered roads and enhanced open-road capability.

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