When you next visit Camrose Chrysler Ltd., you should take some time to look at the Chrysler Pacifica and learn why it is such a popular family minivan. Safety is always at the forefront of your thoughts when driving anyone around town, and the Pacifica accounts for that in many ways. There are a number of safety features available.

To begin, you will love the surround-view camera that is available. You will get a clear picture of the entire environment outside the vehicle. This will allow you to avoid hitting potential obstacles that are in your path.

With the adaptive cruise control, you will grow to appreciate having an extra navigator looking out for your safety. If you starting to get too close to traffic in front of you, the Chrysler Pacifica will slow down automatically. You will pick up speed again when the coast is clear. Take this minivan on a test drive when you visit Camrose Chrysler Ltd.

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