Parking systems serve multiple purposes during different situations. To give consumers options, Chrysler equipped the Pacifica with convenient systems that provide benefits in a variety of parking zones.

ParkSense and Rear Park Assist are designed for everyday parking situations. When you manoeuvre the Pacifica into a traditional parking spot, ParkSense will detect any hazards that could interfere with the front wheels. The Rear Park Assist System boosts safety dramatically since it has the ability to apply the brakes. It will activate them if you fail to stop the vehicle when something is by its rear bumper.

At Camrose Chrysler Ltd, we always strive to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction, and this is why we provide educational test drives. During our sessions, we highlight key safety systems that make the Chrysler Pacifica valuable. If you work with us, you'll gather a lot of information about the Chrysler Pacifica's Rear Cross Path Detection System and Parallel and Perpendicular Parking System.



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