Mopar Protects from Losses with Wheels and Tires

Road hazard and wheel coverage could save a vehicle owner from costly repairs. Obstructions and debris on the road can cause severe damage. With Mopar protection, replacing all four wheels and tires becomes an option. A vehicle must meet certain age and mileage requirements to be eligible for a plan. Plans come in two-year to seven-year increments.

With Mopar protection, some of the stress and aggravation associated with unexpected events might not be as troubling. Drivers won't avoid dealing with the necessary repairs, but they might not have to pay for the labour and parts. Typical road hazard damage is covered under Mopar protection.

Mopar offers other benefits to drivers under the plan. A small fee covers roadside assistance and towing. As for standard tire and wheel repairs, there is no deductible.

Take care of your car as Camrose roads can be tough. Call up the service department at Camrose Chrysler Ltd. when you have troubles with your wheels or tires.



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