The Aggressive Nature Of The Jeep Compass

The exterior features of the Jeep Compass are nothing short of impressive. This is an SUV that demands attention and that delivers confidence with every turn that you make while you're in Camrose. Tires on the Jeep give you the option of driving on the road or along the trails.

Curves on the Jeep are designed with a modern touch along with an athletic angle. There are three different exterior designs to choose from when you visit Camrose Chrysler Ltd. depending on just what you want in an SUV. A sunroof opens to allow fresh air to flow through while keeping the sun's rays from shining too bright when it's closed.

The aluminum alloy wheels range in size from 16 inches to 19 inches depending on how high you want the vehicle to sit off the ground. You can also get wheels that are gloss black with pockets if you don't want aluminum.



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