Your Vehicle's Tire Pressure Light: What Causes it to Become Illuminated?

At Camrose Chrysler Ltd., we strive to help our customers stay safe. It is important to pay attention to warning lights in your vehicle because they let you know something needs attention. A tire pressure light lets you know when the pressure in your vehicle's tires has dipped below the minimum acceptable levels. If you notice that your tire pressure light is illuminated, it could be due to several reasons.

Extreme temperatures and tire punctures can cause your tire pressure light to illuminate. On mornings when the temperatures are cold, your vehicle's tire pressure light may temporarily illuminate. This is because the tire pressure will drop overnight in cold temperatures, but once the tires begin to heat, the light will no longer illuminate. During the summer, hot temperatures can cause tires to over-inflate, which will cause the light to illuminate.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, tire pressure lights reduce motor vehicle crash fatalities by about 120 every year, so be sure to have your tire pressure light inspected if it's illuminated.



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