Eye Catching Details Sets the Dodge Durango Apart From Its Competitors

Dodge vehicles are often noticed on the road thanks to their classic cross-grille design. Aside from that, their vehicles are relatively basic from an exterior standpoint. The 2019 Dodge Durango is anything but basic. The exterior varies across the four different trim levels.

You can get anything from 18-inch wheels to 20-inch wheels, depending on which trim level you choose. The painted wheels are made of lightweight aluminum. There are various colors that you can choose from for exterior paint. The towing capacity is an impressive 2,812 kg with the V6 engine option. You can opt to have a trailer hitch installed on site when you select your vehicle.

The length of the Durango is definitely one of the longest on the market right now. Dodge has managed to design the exterior of this vehicle to still feel very sleek and sophisticated.


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