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Camrose Chrysler: Where Bad Credit Can Still Buy You a Good Car

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Camrose Chrysler: Where Bad Credit Can Still Buy You a Good Car

At Camrose Chrysler, your credit score does not determine the type of vehicle you can drive home. You can drive home in a premium vehicle if you take advantage of the right car loans Edmonton. We work with a variety of large and small financial institutions allowing us to offer our customers customized bad credit auto financing.

Therefore, it is best to come down to our Camrose lot with an open mind because you may be able to drive home with exactly what you want. Our finance officers are well-connected and willing to search through our exhaustive database to find the right car loans Edmonton for all of our customers which is one reason why we are one of the best Chrysler dealerships in the greater Edmonton or even Alberta region.

Focus on the Car you Want - Leave the Bad Credit Auto Financing to Us

As a buyer, you need to focus on choosing a vehicle that fits your needs and your budget. We won't be able to get you into a luxury car if you have a low income, but we can help you into a car that is perfectly designed for your family even with subpar credit.

Your task as a car buyer in Edmonton is to find the perfect car, our task is to take care of your bad credit auto financing. We work with a variety of lenders across the province to ensure we secure you the lowest rates and the most attractive bad credit auto loans.

Your car buying process should look this:

  • Find a car
  • Let Camrose Chrysler find you bad credit car loans Edmonton
  • Drive off the lot with a car you trust

How Do You Find Your Credit Score?

Not sure if you have good credit or bad credit? Some people don't think much about credit until the time comes to apply for a home or car loan. There are two credit bureaus in Canada you can access for a free soft credit check. While the numbers are not always exact (your credit scores can change by the day and hour), they will give you a good estimate of where you stand.

  • Credit Karma - Register for free and access your Transunion score
  • Borrowell- Create a profile and access your Equifax credit score

Bad Credit, Fair Credit, Great Credit - Who Will Camrose Chrysler Work With?

You don't need to see a list to know who Camrose Chrysler will work with. If you want to buy a car then you should come down to our lot.

We will work with you if you have:

  • Bad credit
  • Good credit
  • Fair credit
  • Exceptional credit

The bottom line: we are willing to work with anyone that needs a car and financing. Our connections to local banks and large banks that can take on varying levels of risk allow us to find bad credit car loans Edmonton when necessary. Don't let fear of approval for car loans Edmonton keep you from buying a car in Alberta.

Can I Get a Low-Interest Rate with Bad Credit Auto Financing?

Our finance manager has one goal when they sit down with you: to find you a solid car loan with a great interest rate. Your credit will play a large role in what interest rate you are given, but just because you require bad credit auto financing does not mean you necessarily will have a high interest rate. Our wide portfolio of lending partners has helped us find many people across Alberta great bad credit car loans Edmonton.

Tips for Sticking to a Financially Healthy Budget

Buying a car should be a fun process, not one that brings extra stress to your life. If you work out your budget before stepping onto the lot it will help you narrow down your options and walk off the lot with an affordable car that you can feel good about buying and driving.

Here are a few tips to create your used car budget:

  • Figure our your monthly payment allowance
  • Remember to factor in costs such as gas and regular service
  • Find car loans Edmonton with low interest rates

We do our best at Camrose Chyrsler to meet our customers at their budget. We have worked with clients from all financial and credit portfolios, and are skilled at discreetly meeting you at your budget. Sometimes we can lengthen the term of your car loan to make monthly payments more achievable, other times we find an interest rate that makes the monthly rate affordable.

Streamline the Buying Process with Our Online Car Loan Process

Some people feel more comfortable completing the loan process on their own, which is why we created an online application for car loans Edmonton. We invite all of our clients to access the online car loan application and find out what they are approved for today.

It's simple to fill out, and since you are home, most of the information should be directly at your fingertips. Fill out your loan application and then come down to Camrose Chrysler to view our inventory in person and talk to our finance manager about your bad credit auto financing options in more depth. We can't wait to see you!